Following a consortium take over of a Global Payments Bank based in Mainland Europe, the client alongside its consortium partners scoped a business led programme to deliver the separation of the newly acquired organisation.

  • 01

    A complex landscape of payments applications.

  • 02

    Three outsourced technology service providers.

  • 03

    Payment processing of over €200 billion per day.

The client requested instigation of a service stabilisation programme to operate on behalf of the consortium with the objective to improve levels of customer service in excess of committed SLA’s and to stabilise the service in order that large-scale business and technology separation events could take place with minimal impact to customers.

The project.

  • 01

    Take line management control of the existing service management team, and re-train.

  • 02

    Design and implement a centralised 24x7x365 service management function for a global service.

  • 03

    Implement a programme of stabilisation and maintenance for all production support operations.

  • 04

    Manage and improve the contractual performance of outsourced technology service providers.

We had to identify and recruit a strong service and recovery management team to re-locate from the UK to Mainland Europe for the term of the engagement.

The results.

  • 01

    Service availability of Payment and Tradesystems improved by 74% within first three months.

  • 02

    Customer impacting critical incidents reduced from 26 per month to 1 per month.

  • 03

    New processes and procedures implemented to support the “service first” culture.

  • 04

    Outsourced technology providers fully embedded in the Service Management process chain, and operating in excess of contractual agreements.

  • 05

    Overall availability of service for customers sustained at 99.8% in advance of business and technology separation events.

  • 06

    All separation events executed on schedule and supported by the service management team.

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