What are you responsible for at AirWalk?

We are a small firm which means we all can massively multi-task and be available whenever required. As a member of the Digital Practice, I focus primarily on the “Cloudy” side of things – from the initial discussions with the customer to conducting Architecture and Design Sessions (ADS) culminating with delivery as well. My application development background serves me well in such discussions as most people are from an infrastructure background. I focus on AWS and GCP (professional certified in both) primarily in the digital practice. As for the first statement, I handled shifting from one office to another as well on a Friday evening 🙂

What Attracted you to AirWalk

Honestly, I didn’t know about Airwalk prior to the interview. I went through their website, saw a lot of big programme and cloud execution experience and was quite intrigued. I met Ben, Adrian & Justin for an interview and it just clicked. I felt a positive vibe and a connection with them which is quite rare in an interview while you are being grilled on your past experience and current skills. Being a small firm, I knew that I would be working very closely with them so it made sense to give it a shot and I am happy I joined.

What makes a great architect

Ability to get the job done with the minimum upfront and recurring effort along with an attention to detail in catering to the business scenario.

What was your background before you joined us?

I started as a .net and SharePoint developer with Aditi Technologies which got acquired multiple times in quick succession to become Samsung Electronics. As a Principal Architect with the services arm of Samsung Electronics, I was the technical SME for all SharePoint and AWS cloud related pre-sales. I was also responsible for architecture and delivery of key customer projects for multiple clients at different stages in my 9 years with Aditi / Samsung.

What is your ambition for your time at AirWalk?

Be a dry sponge and absorb from all the people that work here! They have vast amounts of experience in domains I have only recently started working on. Guys like Ben (co-founder, CTO) and Phil (CTO – Digital Practice) have loads to offer. I wish to lead the practice, establish competencies so that we can replicate the success with other customers without having to reinvent the wheel.

What could we find you doing outside of work?

Cycling, working out on the banks of Thames with a kettlebell (when the weather permits), playing other sports or reading about nerdy stuff. Or having an involved discussion with my friends about the current social and political affairs.

Favourite Quote

I tell myself: Go out and do things– you have enough memories of staying at home watching Netflix.