Meet Sindrew Shih

Sindrew talks about his time at AirWalk so-far, some of the challenges his team are working on in the financial services space in Hong Kong, and what he is looking forward to in the year ahead.

What is your role at AirWalk?

My role at AirWalk is an Engineer. Right now, I am working as a DevOps engineer in a client’s Digital Cloud and Platform Service (DCPS) team. We focus on the design, architecture and build of a Service Hosting Platform (SHP) running on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a fully managed Kubernetes service, together with Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) and other DevOps tools.

What does your team do?

Our team is based in Hong Kong, working closely with the UK team on the delivery of a Service Hosting Platform (SHP) in AWS Hong Kong region. We build the platform and application on AWS cloud leveraging infrastructure as Code (IAC) to drive Cloud Native development.

Our client is a highly regulated organization in the Financial Services industry, so security and data integrity are their highest priorities. One of the major challenges is that we must make use of AWS private Endpoints and Endpoint Services. AWS’s Hong Kong region, however, doesn’t yet support private endpoints on all services. Other services eg: Route 53 Resolver, is not yet launched in Hong Kong region, so we have to work out an alternative design of DNS queries between VPCs and on-premise network.

What achievement are you proudest of this year – in and / or out of work

We have been able to identify a few important security constraints and regional build dependences of the Service Hosting Platform (SHP) and are working on the resolution.

What are you excited about work wise going into 2020?

We are excited about the launch of the Service Hosting Platform (SHP) for the Hong Kong region. This will host its first customer facing critical trading application.

What advancements are you hoping / expecting to see in the Cloud world next year?

I expect to see Machine learning (ML) becoming more prevalent and helping with the technology components of large-scale Cloud transformation.

What sort of skills do you need in your team at the moment and why would AirWalk be a good place for these people to work?

The platform we are creating is helping our client move faster and is helping to create a culture of innovation in their technology and application teams. AirWalk is a great place to work for any Engineer who is interested in working on these sort of large scale, complex Cloud transformations.