UK government body established to over see a significant multi-year, multi-billion pound transformation programme.



To support a multi-year, multi-billion pound programme a new limited company was created. The new company needed a brand new digital service to be created in six months to facilitate it’s operations in a cost effective manner, support onboarding of 3rd parties and contractors, and provide a flexible data analytics platform for it’s 15+ year lifespan.   Airwalk was selected as the lead technology implementation partner



Acting as the design authority, Airwalk designed, built and operated a completely cloud-native digital service capable of supporting 1000+ users. The solution leveraged Microsoft 365 and Azure services at the core and needed a high degree of data security.

By adopting a high degree of end to end automation a cost effective but highly secure service was created which would support the programme.

Service Management using ServiceNow and level 1,2 and 3 support

End to End observability platform using Elastic to aggregate and normalize events from multiple sources for alerting and logging

All elements of the platform were delivered as infrastructure as code and leveraging Azure Devops



Secure, accredited and managed cloud native digital platform and modern client IT solution, comprising all workplace services (identity management, SOC, unified communications, collaboration, information management, print) delivered for the first phase of 750 users within 6 months.

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