Technology Selection


The challenge

The procurement of cloud or related technologies for public sector organisations can be a complex process to navigate:

  • Multiple complex and emerging technologies to understand and navigate
  • Difficult to objectively compare capabilities of different platforms
  • Business drivers require fast and robust decision-making and execution
  • Business case for public cloud not always simple and cost-led
  • Balance of leveraging proven partners versus growing concentration risk
  • Lack of experienced delivery partners able to navigate both technical and commercial requirements of integrating new technologies

How we can help

Our procurement service is designed to assist clients in the analysis, selection, negotiation and onboarding of technology vendors.

We work to define objectives and understand requirements, feeding into the development of a robust procurement strategy and tender process, managing this through to successful delivery and integration.

Our focus is on enabling you to achieve your goals and make the most out of technology changes for your organisation, now and in the future.

Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that enable:

  • Effective analysis of the available technologies and vendors
  • Robust and objective management of procurement process
  • Delivery¬†of the right vendor and technology for your organisation‚Äôs needs
  • Maximum commercial benefit through informed negotiation
  • Vendor relationships that enable strategic outcomes for your organisation in its technology change initiatives


Technology Selection Key Modules

Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy
Assessment of technical and strategic goals for cloud, including across on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.
Market & Product Analysis
Design and execution of market engagement, with soft market testing and supplier base analysis
Sourcing & Vendor Selection
Management of shortlist analysis, RFI and RFP processes, including selection criteria and scoring approach
Financial Management
Review and assessment of financial models associated with cloud strategy
Contract Management
Exit planning and management, contract review, re-negotiation and extension
Supplier Management
Supplier governance, control and measurement mechanisms to give better visibility over your supplier performance