Cloud Security Strategy


The challenge

Whilst digitisation is increasing opportunities to engage with customers, reduce cost and accelerate product delivery,  it also has the potential to expose businesses to more creative and advanced cyber attacks. This leads to multiple complex challenges that need to be overcome as part of any cloud programme:

  • Inherent open nature of public cloud environments
  • Challenge of designing and building secure applications
  • Maintaining security and continuous on an ongoing basis
  • Dealing with evolving, dynamic services on the cloud

How we can help

Our Cloud Security service is designed to help clients address these issues and a multitude of others, by providing a modular approach that can be adapted to your specific goals and the stage you are at on your cloud adoption journey.

We bring unique expertise, frameworks and methodologies, not to mention significant experience and a track record of successful delivery, that make this happen.

Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that enable:

  • The design, development and evolution of organisational cloud strategy
  • A pragmatic and implementable plan to achieve that strategy
  • Programmatic, technical and operational support to execute
  • Delivery of the key components required to realise the benefits of cloud

Cloud Security Strategy Modules

Cloud Cyber Security Strategy
Formulation of security strategy which helps your organisation to design and implement a proactive approach to cloud security
Information Security Risk Management
Review and assessment of Information Security policies and standards, with potential recommendations for amendments/updates for cloud
Controls Framework - Control Design & Implementation
Development of a comprehensive control framework with which to assess existing and future systems and applications.
Continuous Compliance
AirWalk’s “Continuous Compliance” is a lightweight serverless framework which enables your organisation to apply consistent security policies and controls across your cloud estate
Cyber Security Assessment
Detailed assessment of the security posture of your cloud infrastructure, applications and information
Cyber Security Engineering & DevSecOps
Engineering of security controls and guardrails using cloud native, 3rd party tooling and in-house developed solutions
Cyber Security Architecture
Development of secure patterns and blueprints for deployment of cloud services
Cyber Security Testing
Cyber security infrastructure testing. Application Security Testing, including support to select and implement tools into your CI/CD pipeline and code reviews
Cyber Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
Implementation of AirWalk’s ‘Consolidated Observability’ platform, to collect, ingest, process and analyse of log events from across the estate