Cloud Operating Model


The challenge

The development and implementation of a successful cloud strategy for organisations can be complex and difficult to deliver:

  • Difficult to scale beyond POCs or greenfield builds
  • Difficult to upskill and enable staff
  • Complex technologies and new ways of working
  • Excessive focus on cost reduction without clear path for data centre exit
  • Challenge of security in public cloud environments

We recognise that many organisations have begun or are even well on their way to completing their cloud journey. But even once you have migrated, there are a multitude of elements that require ongoing support, scrutiny, evolution and innovation. As with business strategy, cloud is not a one-off activity.

How we can help

Our Cloud Operating Model Assessment service is designed to help clients address these issues and a multitude of others, by providing a comprehensive and holistic review of all areas of your organisation and operating model in relation to cloud, with a view of providing a prioritised plan to address risks and opportunities.

We bring unique expertise, frameworks and methodologies, not to mention significant experience and a track record of successful delivery, that make this happen.

Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that enable:

  • The design, development and evolution of organisational cloud strategy
  • A pragmatic and implementable plan to achieve that strategy
  • Programmatic, technical and operational support to execute
  • Guidance on the key components required to realise the benefits of cloud

AirWalk have developed our own proprietary Cloud Operating Model framework.

Cloud Operating Model Components

Cloud Strategy
Review of organisational cloud strategy, including assessment of objectives, business case and cloud migration roadmap
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Assessment of the risk decision-making framework, including associated governance and controls, for hosting data and services on cloud
Cloud Security
Review of Information Security function, specifically with cloud in mind Assessment of people/skills within security function for cloud oversight
Cloud Onboarding / Engagement
Review of your organisation’s cloud engagement strategy, including onboarding, Route to Live, approvals/governance, shared services and tooling
Review of architectural governance framework, with particular focus on principles for use of cloud, deployment guidelines and patterns
Review of strategies and key foundational services required for effective and secure engineering and development in the cloud
People & Organisation
Review of cloud-related skills and expertise within key teams Includes assessment of DevOps delivery, certifications, experience of cloud native architecture, among others
Cloud Service Operations
Assessment of key service management components required to build and operate services in the cloud, reflecting where changes are necessary from existing processes