Cloud Data Transformation & Migration Service


The challenge

The use of public cloud to host data is increasing, but it represents one of the more complex and challenging use cases for cloud:

  • Potential reputational and financial implications of data leak
  • Challenges of navigating the ‘shared responsibility model’ with cloud platform providers
  • Regulators inherently nervous about hosting of confidential data
  • New technologies and skills needed and not always available

We recognise that many organisations have begun or are even well on their way to leveraging cloud services to host their data. But even once you have migrated, there are a multitude of elements that require ongoing support, scrutiny, evolution and innovation. As with business strategy, cloud is not a one-off activity.


How we can help

Our Cloud Data Transformation & Migration service is designed to help clients address these issues and a multitude of others, by providing a modular approach that can be adapted to your specific goals and the stage you are at on your cloud adoption journey.

We bring unique expertise, frameworks and methodologies, not to mention significant experience and a track record of successful delivery, that make this happen.

Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that will enable you to:

  • Leverage innovative data-centric technologies in the Cloud
  • Outsource the running and maintenance of complex Data Services
  • Scale and Burst use capacity as and when you need it
  • Gain insight into your data to better leverage the value within

Cloud Data Transformation & Migration Services

Business case development
Formulation of business case for migration of data to cloud, delivered at organisational, business unit and programme level as required
Target-state & strategic roadmap development
Definition of target operating model and end-state (at 1, 3 and 5 years), including refresh of objectives as new business goals/challenges emerge
Cloud & data management operating model
Review of the structure of your cloud (and by extension IT and development) teams, as well as Data Management, within your business
Data migration planning service
Detailed planning for delivery of strategic roadmap or specific programme(s), split into workstreams and/or initiatives for delivery
Governance and compliance assessment
Establishment or review of cloud risk management framework, including governance and controls, for hosting of data and services on cloud
Target architecture and migration strategy
Review of core architectural principles and governance for organisation’s use of cloud for data hosting
Data security strategy
Review and assessment of Information Security policies and standards, with potential recommendations for amendments/updates for cloud data hosting and more robust data protection
DevOps, infrastructure, engineering & automation
Defining (or reviewing) strategies and building the key foundational services required for effective and secure engineering and development in the cloud
Data management
Review and development of Data Management Lifecycle, defining best practice to ensure availability, provenance and security
Migration execution
Set-up and management of migration factory to move data from existing environment to cloud