Cloud Business Case Development Service


The challenge

The development and successful approval of any business case for public sector organisations can be a daunting, complex and difficult task to navigate:

  • Need for compliance to HMT Green Book Five Case Framework Model with proven experience
  • Collaboration with complex stakeholders to gain rapid agreement & approval
  • Simplicity in the articulation and definition of a clear strategic intent, coupled with in-depth knowledge of complex and competing technologies
  • Robust and succinct justification to support Value for Money (VfM) statements

We recognise that many organisations have begun or are considering the next steps of their cloud journey. But even once you have migrated, there are a multitude of elements that require futureproofing or ongoing investment for evolution and innovation. As with any business strategy, cloud is not a one-off activity as is the production of valid business cases to support the ongoing strategic investment.


How we can help

Our business case development service is designed to assist clients in the development of robust business cases to actively support innovation in a cloud and related technology, against rigorous spending assessment criteria.

We bring unique domain and industry expertise, coupled with the understanding of the Five Case Framework Model, supporting methodologies, not to mention significant experience and a track record of successful delivery. Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that enable:

  • Justification for investment in the evolution of their organisational cloud strategies and delivery
  • Deep awareness of latest developments and technologies to achieve that strategy
  • Collaborative approach with impartial advice to support a resilient business case
  • Simplicity and clarity of key components required to realise the benefits of cloud

Services Cloud Business Case Development Service Components

HMT Five Case Framework - Business Case development
Production of strategic, outline and full business cases in accordance with the HMT Five Case Framework Model.
Cloud Business Case Development
Development of Cloud business cases using our scalable AirWalk approach, coupled with our depth of industry knowledge not just in the Public Sector but also the Private Sector.
Target-state & strategic roadmap development
Development of roadmap with granular milestones towards successful delivery.
Financial Planning
Financial estimating and modelling, including proactive input into the Financial Case (if aligned to HMT Five Case Model).
Procurement Services
Development of procurement and supply chain strategy. Proactive management of suppliers to ensure the best VfM can be obtained.
Supplier Management
Proactive supplier engagement and management to guarantee VfM and guaranteed desired outcomes.
Deployment of Subject Matter Experts
Rapid mobilisation of qualified, senior personnel experienced in large scale portfolio, programme and project delivery teams.
In-depth Market Analysis
Extensive previous experience of implementing Multi-Cloud solutions at a variety of clients which will support the development and approval of your business cases.