Cloud Migration & Strategy


The challenge

The development and implementation of a successful cloud migration strategy for public sector organisations can be complex and difficult to deliver:

  • Difficult to scale beyond POCs or greenfield builds
  • Difficult to upskill and enable staff
  • Complex technologies and new ways of working
  • Excessive focus on cost reduction without clear path for data centre exit
  • Challenge of security in public cloud environments

How we can help

Our Cloud Migration service is designed to help clients address these issues and a multitude of others, by providing a modular approach that can be adapted to your specific goals.

Our focus is on enabling you to accelerate and scale your migration to the cloud, achieve your business goals and do so in a way that is cost effective, secure, scalable and achievable.

We bring unique expertise, frameworks and methodologies, not to mention significant experience and a track record of successful delivery, that make this happen.

Ultimately, our service provides clients with guidance, support, expertise and capabilities that enable:

  • The design, development and evolution of an organisational cloud migration strategy
  • A pragmatic and implementable plan to achieve that strategy
  • Programmatic, technical and operational support to execute
  • Delivery of the key components required to realise the benefits of cloud

Cloud Migration - the Airwalk approach

Analysis of existing IT estate
Comprehensive assessment of existing IT estate within the organisation, identifying candidates for migration and proposing a recommended approach
Business case development
Formulation of business case for migration of both individual workloads and organisational/business unit level migration programme
Target state & strategic roadmap development
Assessment of strategic and technical goals for cloud, definition of target operating model and development of roadmap to achieve this
Architecture and technical design
Architectural design for optimisation on cloud, leveraging cloud native and modern technology practices, as well as core architectural principles for the migration programme
Governance and delivery framework development
Establishment of risk management and delivery principles to guide migration, including governance, operational readiness and standards for deployment
Cloud operating model design
Assessment of existing operational structures, capabilities and ways of working, identifying key opportunities for optimisation for cloud migration
Migration factory
Design and delivery of an efficient, self-contained engine for executing cloud migration at scale in an accelerated manner
Continuous Security & Compliance Framework
Automated, control-led framework for providing real-time, continuous security and compliance across your cloud estate
Service Management
Design and delivery of key service management components required to operate services in the cloud
Training and enablement
Development of training and development pathways for client teams to enable effective long-term use of public cloud