• Adrian Cloke

    Partner & CFO

  • Ben Walker

    Partner & Digital Practice Lead

  • Jason Aird

    Partner & Programme and Change Delivery Lead

  • Justin Gilroy

    Partner & COO

  • Nick Quaife


  • David Otter

    Head of Talent

  • Debbie Charman

    Operations Manager

  • Phil Longley

    Digital CTO

  • Jim Lamb

    Principal Engineer

  • Vishesh Kumar

    Senior Architect

  • Peter Hehn

    Senior Engineer

  • Clare Mitchell

    Managing Consultant

  • Tyrone Griffiths

    Managing Consultant

  • Gary Heath

    Managing Consultant

  • Abi Wareing

    Senior Consultant

  • Nikhil Radia


“Their integrity carries through into actions. AirWalk are more attentive than other consultancies and are always looking for ways to help us succeed.”

“It goes beyond the partners, the wider teams share their ethos. They have that desire to be helpful and supportive.”

“They’re more personable. Ongoing, they’re always checking in, seeing how they can help, almost saying, how can we make you more successful. It feels more like a partnership.”