Meet Gary Heath

What are you responsible for at AirWalk?

I am Managing Consultant, so as a senior member and leader within the firm I wear a number of hats, along with the inherent responsibilities.   Paramount are my responsibilities as a Line Manager to develop, mentor our people and engage with our broader associates. Alongside this my role involves mobilising, developing and maturing a successful P3O practice which is the best in breed and one which our clients wish to continually use, and our people wish to be an ongoing part of.

What attracted you to AirWalk?

I have known a number of the Partners for years, and having worked with Airwalk as an Associate, I love the professionalism of everyone in the firm.  Each are truly at the top end of their game and there is only one way for the firm to go with people like this around you.  It’s great when you don’t have to explain and everyone simply gets on with it as they all know what good looks like.

What makes a great consultant?

A self-starter, jack of all trades (varied life & work experiences and knowledge), a need for excellence and getting the job done, friendly and approachable and a willingness to listen and learn from others. Also the confidence to say you believe there is a better way.

What was your background before you joined us?

Mainly banking. I have the full deck having worked with all of the big four in various transformation programmes as a Head of PMO , COO or Lead and having started originally within a branch and worked my way through all of the various departments.  There were also a number of years selling, training, implementing and consulting on various PPM tools.

What is your ambition for your time at AirWalk?

To be instrumental in the building of a fantastic and recognised company which gets stuff done well, with good people who you can trust and rely on, and know they are the best in their field.

What could we find you doing outside of work?

Playing football with my son, chatting with my daughters, fitness training with my wife, socialising with friends and family, gardening/DIY or travelling to broaden my outlook, knowledge and interests in other cultures and countries.

Favourite Quotes

  • ‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’ Albert Einstein
  • ‘No one ever graduated from the school of Life’ Gerry Heavern (the Father in Law)
  • ‘Life is better when you are laughing’