Cloud Expo Europe 2019

Over the last two days AirWalk paid a visit to Cloud Expo Europe 2019 at London’s Excel. There were seven theatres with speakers presenting on a massive range of subjects from high-level organisational change success stories in various industries to technical DevOps solutions such as disposable bastion hosts and using AI to determine the viability of production releases. 

The Future of Finance theatre hosted some interesting talks, particularly the panel discussion on “The future of the banking model”, which discussed how FinTech and InsurTech are genuinely changing the behaviours of the established players in the space. 

In the main hall were all of the familiar open source value-add vendors along with some, but not all, of the commercial solution vendors you might expect. Missing, however, were the cloud providers themselves, notably AWS, Google and Azure. 

It was interesting to take a step back and consider that Cloud Expo Europe was just one of many events occurring concurrently in the same massive Excel exhibition hall. At one end we had Data Centre World, with stalls featuring all manner of /actual/ hardware, from high-end cabling and air conditioning fans to fire suppression systems and power distribution. Contrast that to the other side of the room where we had Cloud Expo, in which most participants won’t ever touch a rack or a raised floor or think very much about the UPS batteries or nitrogen cylinders that are all provided invisibly by every cloud vendor, many layers of abstraction below their particular line of work.