Why Christmas isn’t just for reviewing budgets and headcount…

As the year draws to a close many of us begin reflecting on our achievements and challenges hoping to make improvements in the upcoming year.

Being at the forefront of change can be challenging, even for the most dedicated change professional. A transformation of any size can be daunting and highly stressful for you and your teams.

Building the next ‘new thing’ or improving on the last new thing holds lots of challenges, all of which have probably been the subject of much of your mental stamina throughout the year. As our world becomes more demand based and services are at the press of a button the pressure is on you to deliver your change programme and deliver it well.

In fast paced and often highly regulated environments you probably don’t have time to think beyond the next day let alone reflect. So how do you deliver that much awaited change with a new lease of life for you, your business and your teams.  As many industries go through programme shut down to realign budgets, scope and timelines what can you do that supports your programme.

Building that team, ensuring stakeholder engagement and delivering a transformation for life.


Here are 3 things to consider:

  • Take a break – You and your team deserve a break. Whether your programme was a resounding success or not, having a fresh pair of eyes after some time away from the coalface can allow you to see things from a different perspective and come into the new year with a fresh outlook on how to deliver your programme.


  • Find your biggest supporters – It’s the perfect time to spend some time informally reviewing progress with your key stakeholders. Having an informal feedback mechanism gives you and your team crucial insight into areas that could be improved, and allows you to build support and credibility across your client’s organisation


  • Engage your team – Talking to your team might sound simple but getting their input into the programme structure and team dynamics gives you invaluable insight into how you may improve their motivation and output in future. “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill Taking the opportunity and the time to consider the people in your programme is the key to improving your transformation programme before Christmas comes around again.