Cloud Operating Model



Domestic & General are the UK’s leading provider of warranty services and insurance cover for a host of domestic appliances and electrical goods. They have 16 millions customers, operating in the UK, Australia and multiple European markets.



D&G had begun their cloud journey in earnest, and wanted to ensure they could scale and accelerate their adoption in a secure and effective manner. Without the skills and knowledge in-house, they needed help to ensure what they were doing was secure, efficient and delivering the agility they were looking for.



We were engaged to deliver a thorough review of their cloud operating model, employing the Airwalk Cloud Operating Model Framework, assessing their journey to date across governance, risk, security, architecture, tooling, skills/people, among others.



Airwalk identified a number of foundational areas that required focused attention, with several recommendations for optimisation and acceleration. These were accepted by the IT exec at D&G, and they are well into the process of driving these forward into the next phase of their cloud adoption programme.

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