Transform your business with AWS and AirWalk

The evolution of Public Cloud services over the past decade has delivered some of the most significant advances in enterprise technology, enabling organisations to leverage cutting edge technology, unlimited scalability and unprecedented flexibility, for a fraction of their traditional cost base.

AWS is the leader in this space, both from a market share and technology perspective, and as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, AirWalk play an active role in enabling clients at all stages of their cloud journey. From the early stages of design and architecture, through to build, migration and management of applications on AWS, we help our clients maximise the benefits of AWS.

We have delivered projects across almost every industry sector, but our true superpower is our experience in accelerating cloud adoption within regulated industries, and in particular in the Financial Services sector. AirWalk have a deep understanding of the issues faced by businesses in this industry, the necessary focus on risk and regulation, alongside concerns around security and cyber controls that can fast become a roadblock to innovation and delivery.

We have worked with some of the most complex Financial Services organisations, providing the expertise, tooling and delivery firepower necessary to help them navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring our clients meet their security and compliance obligations, whilst enabling the scalability, flexibility and dynamism afforded by AWS solutions.

We have enabled businesses of all sizes, including some of the largest enterprises in the world, to realise the benefits of the cloud. Whether you are just starting out on your cloud journey, seeking to break out of a stalled delivery programme, or looking to dramatically accelerate your transformation, we are here to help.

Assessment and Strategy

We begin by understanding your business strategy and objectives, alongside your current technology estate and delivery capabilities, to identify the opportunities for Cloud that will deliver the most significant benefits. From this we can create a Cloud strategy and roadmap that delivers against your specific ambitions, and enables you to maximise the power of cloud for your business.

Solution Design

Our team of AWS certified solution architects work with you to design highly resilient, scalable, secure, easily manageable and cost effective solutions, drawing on the AWS service catalogue and best of breed Cloud Native tooling.

Security and Compliance

We help you understand and implement effective governance around your cloud environments, defining the controls, based on threats and standards and engineering the controls as code through our 'continuous compliance' framework at run time, enabling you to manage cyber, compliance and regulatory control requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of your applications.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Helping you to build modern data platforms so you can leverage cloud native technologies to put your data to work.

Cloud Engineering

From building cloud native Digital and Data platforms using AWS native services, to working alongside your own teams to create secure, scalable cloud platforms using modern DevOps practices, our experienced Cloud Engineers have expertise across the full range of cloud services, complementary tools and technologies.

Cloud Migration

From delivering major transformation programmes, blazing the trail with the first Cloud workload, to driving Cloud-first strategies for the world’s leading financial institutions, we work to help our clients rationalise, modernise and migrate their business applications to the Cloud, managing the entire process end to end, from design to benefits realisation.

Serverless Computing

We are experts at building Serverless applications that can run at scale, reducing your infrastructure management burden and helping you get to market faster with flexible scaling and built-in availability and fault tolerance.