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Business Transformation & Design

Regardless whether your driver is efficiency, expansion, merger, divestment or pure improvement, AirWalk have the experience and skills to design and implement an operating model that will convert your strategy into a fully functional effective organization. We work with our clients to establish the right mix of people, processes and technology to build the capability you are after to deliver the business you want and can afford. We focus on identifying the skills, ethos, activities and governance required to make your organization work for you, drawing on our own belief and experience that it is effective teams that deliver real results and that technology should assist and not dictate how you operate.

We will help you through all the stages of design, implementation and transition to help you complete the journey in a comfortable but comprehensive and timely manner, including navigating through difficult employee relations where necessary. This is done using a tested methodology and experienced team that give you head a start and pre-empt and mitigate potential difficulties along the way.

Complex Programme Management & Recovery

Successful programmes are built on a foundation of clear purpose, robust control and the right resource driven by a tenacity to achieve the desired outcomes. At AirWalk we start by confirming what our clients really want and need to achieve, design the right programme vehicle to deliver it and help assemble the right resources to get it done. Whilst we can manage programmes to completion ourselves, we often prefer to operate with a blend of our people and client colleagues as we feel it generates a sense of common purpose and collaboration, as well as making transitions to normal running smoother and facilitating the upskilling clients in change and project management.

The people we do apply to the task will typically bring a combination of core programme skills, including leadership, management, planning, financial controls, communications and data tooling. All are essential in the right combination to run a tight and successful programme. Importantly, the capability comes pre-formed and ready to tackle the toughest programmes with proven methodologies and established team ethos. The result is that mobilisation is rapid and the risks posed, particularly at the outset or reset of a programme, in assembling an ad hoc and un-tested team are mitigated. Clients can be confident that they will have a taught, well-crafted and well-managed programme adapted to their context, sharply focused on realistic delivery. All of our partners have direct experience of establishing, recovering and managing the delivery of programmes and operational budgets in excess of £100M/year.

Client Computing & Service Transformation

Often seen as a utility or commodity service, client computing solutions are the lifeblood of modern businesses. With end-user computing solutions delivering ever more accessible, powerful and expedient business solutions, effective and efficient client computing environments are even more critical to business success than ever before. To be successful, businesses need to be able to affordably migrate even the most complex and large scale environments to exploit new technology, stay productive, ensure security and contain support costs. The complexity and cost of such programmes is consistently underestimated turning what should be minimum impact and timely transformations into painful, extended and unnecessarily expensive endeavours.

Whether it is physical to virtual, full cloud solution migration, or just a standard operating system upgrade, AirWalk have extensive experience in leading large scale (50,000+) client migrations across both physical and virtual client environments. With what we believe is a unique combination of programme skills, proven methodology and complimentary toolset and reporting, delivery is controlled, assured, timely and transparent.

In addition, our Service Management Transformation capability offers a strategic approach to ITSM. Our team of professionals work with you to reduce operational cost, increase service availability and achieve real competitive advantage. We provide a best-in-class service without relying on any one framework or tool that draws on our experience and core skills in programme management and business design to deliver an effective bespoke solution for our clients.

Digital Transformation & Cloud Computing

Cloud services are rapidly becoming a key part of the mainstream corporate IT infrastructure. At the same time many organisations are developing and implementing the next generation of digital offerings to their customers. Particularly in combination, these trends require a more rapid but robust approach to development and delivery. The adoption and effective exploitation of Agile methodologies, Continuous Delivery and ultimately DevOps can achieve these aims and leave businesses in a position to exploit technology and affordably adapt at a pace that delivers real competitive advantage. The constraints on success become inspiration and innovation rather than bureaucracy and corporate dysfunction.

AirWalk work with enterprise organizations to realize the full promise of DevOps and Continuous Delivery by pairing with them to develop/adopt their strategy and platforms or improve/accelerate their delivery. Our approach is inclusive of all of the appropriate people, process and technology considerations required for a successful transformation and rapidly invokes all of the primary technologies and tools that define and drive the DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile development ecosystems. We are working with clients to exploit these capabilities to deliver critical services on cloud platforms and enable Digital Transformation, establishing the next generation of services and the foundations for sustained innovation and success.

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